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MindfulMEDS Immunity 60 capsules

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MindfulMEDS Immunity functional mushroom blend is focused on boosting the immune system and overall gut health.  We all know that the gut is the second brain; these 7 mushrooms were carefully chosen to naturally enhance the immune system response to colds and flu by improving your gut health. This blend is ideal for anyone feeling sick, suffering from improper immune function and those looking to improve their gut health.

What’s in it?
180 mg – Organic Reishi
180 mg – Organic Mesima
180 mg – Organic Turkey Tail
180 mg – Organic Poria
180 mg – Organic Shiitake
180 mg – Organic Maitake
180 mg – Organic Chaga
40 mg – Black Pepper

1/2 capsule per 25Ibs body weight

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