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HoliRaw Hands & Paws Bug Spray

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 Conventional flea and tick meds can impose dangerous negative side effects on our pets. Therefore we wanted to offer pet owners a holistic approach to preventing fleas and ticks, using all natural ingredients.

Our flea and tick spray can be applied before going out for a walk with your dog. Simply give the bottle a good shake,  apply under chin area, behind the ears, chest, armpit, and back end where ticks are more likely to hitch a ride. 

Ingredients: Neem oil, witch hazel, essential oils such as cedar wood, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and geranium. 

We use this camping to ward off mosquitos as well. 

NOT FOR USE IN CATS. Cats cannot process essential oils.

Not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating pets. 

FOR DOG USE ONLY. Avoid contact in eyes and mouth. External use ONLY. 

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