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Rocky's Story

Rocky's Story

"Many don’t know but one of my dogs (Rocky) was very very sick since 2017, brought him to 3 different Vets, spent more than $5.000.. they prescribed a lot of medication for Rocky and nothing worked.. he actually got worse and worse every time he was on medication.

Last Vet I went asked me if I considered putting him down...because he was suffering so much...lost a lot of fur and itchy all over...we were so devastated just to think about it.

Until I went to see Isabelle and her HoliRaw nutrition products! Honestly she made my day when she told me there was a solution for Rocky.

I was a little bit skeptic about this, but I decided to try it out. It’s been a month of raw food for Rocky and he’s doing better than ever. His fur is growing so fast, he’s so healthy and handsome!

I’m so happy I made the right decision about Isabelle and her products! I definitely recommend people to try it out and see the difference in your dogs.

I hope people get to know this products more and more and we could save more dogs!

She has excellent prices and she would do everything to try to fit your budget.

Thank you once again Isabelle!

(Some pictures of before and after the diet!)