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Bruce's Story

Bruce's Story

Meet Bruce a handsome 2 year old pitty.

Bruce started losing hair on his back left leg. It started with a small patch and progressively got worse over the upcoming months.

He was already on a limited raw diet. It worked well for a while but it eventually no longer agreed with him. Bruces owner has gone over and beyond trying to figure out through vet visits, consulting with me, trying different supplements, etc to try and figure out what was wrong with his dog. The vets had no diagnostic and simply wanted to give him Cytopoint.

Bruce became flaky to the point when he shakes he's a snow globe, itchy, smelly, very inflamed and yeasty.

No one knew what to do anymore, not even me.

I could tell he was not just physically sick but slowly became emotionally sick which is to be expected when the body has exhausted itself from fighting for its own health.

Finally after a conversation with the owner they agreed I could take Bruce to my house so I can help in whichever way I could.

With the right diet, supplement regime and exercise, Bruce started to become himself again and regaining his health. 

I had Bruce at my house for 3 and a half weeks, when I saw he started to get progress with his condition, it was time to send him back home. I'm so thrilled his progress has continued!

He is still healing in certain areas but I am floored by his coat and how far this handsome boy has come.

True nature healing takes time. Allowing the body to do what it needs to do to re-establish balance is so crucial to health and longevity.

- Isabelle Owner Of HoliRaw Nutrition