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Animal Communication & Reiki

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Introducing a dynamic duo of compassionate women, dedicated to the well-being of animals through the transformative practices of Reiki and Animal Communication.

With their unique blend of skills, they offer a holistic approach that bridge a deeper connection between animals and their guardians. Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, is at the heart of their practice.

Through Reiki, animals experience relaxation, stress, reduction, pain relief, and overall balance in their physical, emotional and energetic states. This ancient practice has been known to support animals in their healing journey, enhance their overall well-being and promote a sense of harmony within their bodies. Complementing the power of Reiki, Isabelle specializes in Animal Communication. This extraordinary ability allows her to bridge the gap between humans and animals, facilitating a profound understanding and connection. By tuning into the thoughts, emotions and needs of animals, Izzy enables guardians to gain valuable insights into their animal companion's perspectives, desires and challenges. This communication bridges a deeper bond, trust and mutual understanding between animals and their humans.

The combination of Animal Communication and Reiki creates a powerful duo that amplifies the benefits of both practices. This holistic approach supports animals in achieving optimal health, emotional balance and overall vitality. With their dedication, these women empower guardians to become more attuned to their animal companion's needs, promoting a deeper connection and understanding.

If you are ready to dive deeper with your animal companion, book a session now, with Isabelle and Megan, and watch the magic unfold! 

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